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IMSU - Sustainable Modular Shelving and Storage


What is IMSU?

IMSU is an innovation in sustainable modular storage and shelving. Individual tiles interlock into single or multiple unit configurations that can change and grow along with a family or business as well as provide long term cost savings. [ ... ]


100% re-usable, recyclable & fastener-free. Reduces F-Waste. [ ... ]

Origins, Patent & Trademark

The inventor, a Brooklyn dad trying to optimize tight living spaces for a nursery, spent 5 years developing IMSU and was granted the non-provisional utility patent in 2019. IMSU is a registered trademark. [ ... ]


Interlocking Features

Interlocking joints at right angles create stability and diffuse weight loads. [ ...

Custom Build & Design

Along with countless variations of assemblies, each tile offers a blank canvas for staining, painting or custom designs. [ ...


Puzzle-like assembly teaches STEM geometry, engineering, building, sequencing, spatial planning, team work and creative problem solving. [ ... ]


Fabrications & Manufacturing

Individual tiles are composed of a single flat plane that can be fabricated from different grades of wood, plastic & other materials using a variety of manufacturing methods. [ ... ]

Scalability & Multi-Utility

The patented IMSU design can scale from traditional shelving down to desktop or up to commercial and industrial storage as well as provide other non-storage utilities such as planters, benches and tabletops. [ ... ]


Additional accessories can further expand functionality, utility and aesthetics.  Slots are built into the design to allow for easy assembly or tethering to a wall. [ ... ]



Consumers cover a wide range of channels and industries: home and office, tradeshows and retailers, schools and dorms, hospitals and emergency services, hotels and events spaces, warehouses and military barracks, to name a few.  [ ... ]


IKEA and other large retail channels only provide pre-fabricated storage assemblies or stack able boxes- not truly dynamic modular solutions like IMSU.  [ ... ]

Product Trends

Trends in consumer behavior and home goods include key IMSU features: innovation, organization, environmental concerns and stress-free product experiences.  [ ... ]


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