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What is an Interlocking Modular Shelving Unit?

It's a deceptively simple series of tiles that you assemble into any variation of shelving units or storage containers that can change with the needs of YOU and your FRAMILY!

Truly modular.  Expandable.  Fastener-free.  Reusable.  Recyclable.  Fun and fast assembly.  Easy storage and moving.  Made in the USA.

Say good-bye to pre-fabricated shelving and time-consuming IKEA assembly nightmares.  Customize and take back control of your own storage domain!


Where did they come from?

IMSU began in 2015 as a Brooklyn dad's passion project to build shelving for his daughter's nursery that was dynamic and could keep up with a growing family and city living space limitations.

He was also concerned about the environmental impacts of the large volume of home and office furniture that ends up in landfills.  IMSU has been developed to offer more sustainable and longer lasting storage solutions.

Hasn't someone invented this before?  Nope, not quite this modular.  So, in 2019, after several years of development and redesigns, a patent and trademark was filed.


How does it work?

There are three primary design "Tiles" that interlock at right angles together to form a box.  The box can then link with other boxes to create larger units. Tiles can also be added as free-standing elements.  There is no one right way to do it.  Think of it like adult LEGOS®. They can be assembled in any variety of compositions or "sequences" depending on the intended design and balance. The interlocking requires only your hands and a gentle firm pressure or let gravity assist.

Tiles are available in 12"x12" Squares or 24"x12" Rectangles.  KITS are available in 12 and 24 piece assortments.  The more pieces: the more freedom you have to create and build. Plastic options will be available Fall 2019.

Weight is distributed throughout the system, so the more interlocking components the stronger and the more stable the unit will be. Finger grip slots on the front and back of the Tiles can also be used to fasten units to the wall and for future accessory options.

The wood Tiles are pre-finished and made of Baltic plywood that comply with California EPA Title VI TPC and/or CARB.  Non-finished options available by request.  Printing options also available by request.  

IMSU was designed so that the entire unit doesn't have to be replaced if damaged, only the individual Tiles. IMSU's can also be more easily recycled since they are composed of only one solid piece of material.




IMSU LLC is the Brooklyn, NY based company that manages IMSU products and operations.  Owner: Craig Berger. New York Sales Tax certified #84-2157270. Please contact for more information.

IMSU Non-Provisional Utility Patent

USPTO filed on January 17th, 2019.  2019 application #16/251,003. Owner: Craig Berger.  Patent attorney: Jon Muskin.  Please contact for more information.

IMSU Trademark

USPTO filed on July 2nd, 2019.  2566-100 Serial number 88497513.  Owner: Craig Berger.  Patent attorney: Shawn Farmer.  Please contact for more information.

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