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IMSU Sustainability & F-Waste

IMSU Innovations

IMSU is recyclable, re-usable and composed out of a single plain of material (wood or plastic) with no glue or mixed material parts like metal screws or plastic pieces.  Innovative approaches to smart sustainability solutions, such as IMSU, are being heralded by top companies like Nike, Tesla, Patagonia and Wal-Mart.

IMSU Zero Waste

IMSU is entirely fastener-free so no additional parts waste.  Whole shelving units don't have to be disposed of, only individual tiles that are broken or are no longer needed.  Fabrication can be designed to utilize nearly every inch of a wood or plastic sheet to limit production waste.  Zero waste initiatives are also being driven by major cities like NYC.

IMSU Re-usability

IMSU can be assembled and disassembled in a snap.  A large shelving unit can be split into smaller shelving and storage units.  Tiles can be stored or shipped in simple boxes or fabric bags.  No need for IKEA-like complicated instructions, keeping track of additional parts, or having to hire help.

IMSU Packaging

IMSU packaging can be 100% recyclable- sold in cardboard box KITs or as single units with paper hang tags.

IMSU Upcycling

Unused IMSU's can be donated to under-serviced communities and schools, traded, re-purposed, or upcycled for many home DIY woodworking projects. IMSU's can also be used simply for educational toys.


F-Waste is furniture waste that contributes 10 million tons of trash to landfills every year and growing. Offices make up over 85% of this waste.  Many companies are looking to address this issues along with other sustainability strategies.  Most furniture and storage units are not recyclable because they are composed of multiple materials: wood, plastics & metals.  See the infographic & gallery below.